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Cluster cancer types by miRNA expression

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Use all miRNAs or include a list of miRNAs for clustering.
Use all miRs within filter range in creating clusters
Please submit miRNAs using 3p/5p designations. Separate with spaces, semicolons, commas or newlines.
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Additional cluster options
Number of iterations for k-means clustering (max 25) 
Input the number of clusters of patients to show in tabular format  
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Use k-means clustering to group cancer types by miRNA expression.

K-means clustering separates samples by relative distance between features, which here are miRNA expression levels.
Provide a list of miRNAs to use in clustering in the text box, or check the box to use all available miRNAs.

A consensus of clustering runs can be selected by increasing the number of iterations. The number of clusters must be specified.

miRNAs can be excluded on the basis of mean expression or standard deviation of expression throughout the dataset. Use the minimum/maximum values to set the filter limits.